In praise of frozen yogurt


Alyne, what on earth does this have to do with writing? Um….everything and nothing all at the same time.

First of all, who doesn’t love Fro-Yo? It’s slightly naughty, but you can still pretend you’re eating healthier than a big bowl of ice-cream. The possibilities are endless. Could I have gone plain vanilla with raspberries and kiwi boba like I had planned? Absolutely. Did I? HECK NO.

I was celebrating a bit. I’ve sold about twenty copies of The Island as of this morning, and gotten three really great reviews! (Thank you to those who did that!)

Then, as I was eating my delicious, creamy, sweet treat I sat down to re-read the story. And I found myself mortified. TYPOS. Now, I had read, re-read, edited and re-edited this thing to death…and I ran a last minute (and not the one I usually use) program to catch anything left behind that I hadn’t caught. I noticed it changed some things, removed some words and ….. yeah, it’s not horrible, but I’m not happy. Being a brand new author…I don’t want that to be what people take away from my story.

Cracking my knuckles and using my Fro-Yo power to go back and fix all those today and re-upload my manuscript.

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