Re-Focus and Taking a Step Back


One of my favorite things to do is have a cup of tea, light a candle or two and meditate. Most days, it’s hard to quiet my mind. It’s always in hyperdrive about everything I need to accomplish, my goals, work, bills and basically how to be SuperWoman.

During a meditation session Sunday, the thought that’s been nagging at me finally rang through so clearly, that I need to heed it. It said, “slow down”.

I will be filming a YouTube video on the subject, but I am a person who lives with depression. I am also a person who is usually high-strung, constantly pushing myself and extremely driven. Often times I push myself so hard, that I back myself into a corner, and find myself completely overwhelmed.

All in the span of about six months I have released my first novel, written and released my second novel and gotten out of a relationship that left me emotionally drained, triggered and stressed out. I’ve been pushing myself hard. While the release of Rocking Autumn has me on an incredible high, I also feel drained. Mentally, creatively and emotionally. Every time I do something that puts me on an incredible high, I always hit an inevitable low. I’m not there totally, but I feel the low coming. I feel the toll it’s taking on my energy and creativity.

“Slow down.”

I have a great idea for my next novel. I have an incredible outline and plot and plot twists and character dynamics. But guess what? It can wait. I’m not in a race to pump out as many books as I can in as short of a time frame as I can. I didn’t even want to release the next one until February or March anyway.

“Slow down.”

I’ve decided to take a month off. A month off of pushing myself. A month to breathe. To focus on what’s important. My children. My health. My zen. My work (which gets hectic this time of year). My creativity will be thankful. My blood pressure will be thankful. My mood will be thankful. My body will be thankful.

I’ve put together a thirty-day blog post list. I am a writer, and writing every day is important! So here we go. Thirty days of slowing down. Thirty days of giving myself a break and cutting myself some slack. Thirty days of focus.

“Slow down.”


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