Why I’ve Left Kindle Unlimited and Taken My Books Wide

With the release of The Space Between Us, I was bound and determined to take all my books “wide”. I landed an International BookBub deal, sales were amazing at all stores for a few weeks, my backlist was moving and then – BOOM! They tanked. Everywhere but Amazon.

Defeated, with an internal “I told you so” I put all my books right back in the KU pool. I was getting higher than ever page reads. My ranks were lifting. It confirmed to me that having my eggs  only in the Amazon basket was the only way to make any kind of decent money and make myself visible to new readers.

But Amazon, to put it diplomatically, is having some problems. And there are casualties. Nothing I haven’t seen in the last year. Except, in staggering numbers. It’s true, there are people scamming the system and making piles of money. Click-farming. Page-stuffing. Amazon is trying to go after it, but taking down a lot of honest authors in the process, stripping page reads with no explanation. Shutting down accounts without providing proof as to what kind of illegal borrowing activity they’ve found.

All the eggs in one basket sounds scary now. And the truth is, this is my business. And a smart business move would be to have my books available EVERYWHERE, in every market. Maybe making myself exclusive to Amazon doesn’t make sense, when there are so many readers who use Kobo (which was recently purchased by Walmart – which is HUGE news) iBooks, Nook and Google Play.

This time I told myself to be patient. To allow myself the time it takes to get a foothold in stores other than Amazon. To learn how to market wide, instead of throwing my hands up in defeat.