The Space Between Us


She’s His Best Friends Little Sister. Well, Ex-Best Friend Now…

The Space Between Us is a Gritty and Emotional Second Chance, Bad Boy Boxer Romance. The first book in a four-book contemporary romance series.

He didn’t expect to see her again. He didn’t expect to want her the way that he does.
He never expected to peel back all of her perfectly controlled layers. Or for her to see through his.

Emma freaking Winchester 

She’s the little sister of his ex-best friend, Forrest. She’s off limits like tempting forbidden fruit, and he’s the snake slithering through the grass.
She ignites a fire in him. One he can’t explain and one he sure as hell can’t control. It’s raw and primal.
She’s sweet, and he is not.
She’s pure, and he’s broken.
When Dean King came back to the town and past he’d left behind ten years ago to make it big in the world of underground fighting – it was for one reason, and one reason only. To take care of his Grandma Rose, and he’ll do it by any means necessary. Even if it means selling his soul to the devil…

Fate brings them together. Burning passion binds them. When the fires get too hot, can love save them?


Rocking Autumn


When we were eleven I hated him.
I gave him a chance at fourteen.
He was my first love. My first kiss. My first everything.
At eighteen, he broke my heart.
I thought we’d be together forever. That was the plan.
I was wrong.
Now it’s ten years later and he’s back in town. Showing up at my favorite bar. Stopping by the bookstore I run. He’s invading everything, including my thoughts…and just when I thought I was totally over him.
But Jaxon West is my kryptonite.
He’s not supposed to be here with his sexy smile, bright blue eyes, and perfectly tousled jet black hair. He’s not supposed to have any power over me with that sexy swagger and the guitar strapped across his chest.
Jaxon West looking like sin, singing like an angel and…it doesn’t matter. He’s nothing but trouble and I’m not getting my heart broken again.
No matter how good he looks leaning against a wall, black hair blowing in the breeze with that maddening grin pasted on his gorgeous face.
He came back for me. And he’s pulling out all the stops to show me he won’t quit until he gets exactly what he wants. Me.
And when he finally wins me back, it turns out, a second chance isn’t our biggest problem…



The Island

Island - new cover

Can the three of us really love each other? Or is it the air of the Island messing with our hearts and minds?

How far would you be willing to go to change your life?
For me, I was willing to risk it all when I left my life behind me to volunteer for Global Humanity. Then I found myself on the beautiful island of Kauai.
All I wanted was to find some peace. To find myself again.
Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.
Everything changed the day I met them.
It wasn’t supposed to happen.
Me falling in love with them both.
But I did.
In fact, I don’t think I could ever give either of them up.
They’re best friends. They grew up like brothers, in and out of foster homes until they were eighteen.
Gabe and Michael.
Completely different and yet together, they’re perfect.
Gabe is serene. Sensual and beautiful. Michael is funny, sweet and more gorgeous than any man I’ve ever met.
I can’t decide which one I love more.
And maybe I don’t have to …
Because they love me too.