Rocking Autumn nominated for Best Rock Star Romance | Rocking Forever ♥ |Book Signing

Somehow, some way – someone nominated Rocking Autumn for Best Rock Star Romance on Love&Lace InKorporated’s Fall 2018 book awards. Somehow, it made it to the top ten (and I never even knew it was there) and is up for final voting. My heart about burst out of my chest into a million pieces of heart-shaped confetti. If you would take a moment to vote, I would be oh so humbly grateful →

Thank you to everyone who has purchased and reviewed the audio version of Rocking Autumn. It was so fun at my recent book signing to have so many people approach me about having just listened to it, and falling in love with Jaxtumn (though I’m sure it had more to do with Steven Barrett’s voice than anything)

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The signing was incredible, I truly enjoyed talking to everyone who came to my table. I loved meeting some authors that I have been fan-girling over forever (Teri Kay, BT Uruella, Golden Czermak, CC Monroe, Amy Briggs, S Van Horne and PA Vaschon just to name a few) I got to meet the amazing Reggie Deanching – photographer of the cover to How We Fall and got to watch the behind the scenes of a photo shoot – all in all…an amazing weekend I will cherish forever.

So now…drum roll please…

Rocking Forever is FINALLY happening. I kept promising it, and kept having a hard time. Now it’s time to take Jaxtumn off their pedestal and fuck with them a little bit…and then give them a real HEA ♥  and uh…just FYI…Steven already asked to do Rocking Forever 😉  also that’s not a final cover…just a little proto-type.


…tap tap tap…is this thing still on?

Yes! I am alive.

I barely survived inventory at my “real” job and then got thrown into a massive project in my garden center. We basically had to flip the entire thing. Muscles in parts of my body I wasn’t even aware there were muscles hurt…Plus I’ve been dealing with some pretty intense family stress that is leaving me quite emotionally drained.

How We Fall is coming along nicely. I’ve hit a great stride and my WIP is sitting at 32k words. I have my early stage beta reader going through it and she’s already given it a thumbs up ♥

I will try and get back to actively blogging soon.


World Poetry Day

I don’t easily share my poetry the way I can share a novel. It’s like ripping my still beating heart from my chest and tossing it on a table. It’s too intimate. Too real. But…it’s poetry day. So here we go.

If you think you recognize this, it’s because I borrowed bits for Rocking Autumn.

 Bastard Babies called Memories:

I remember the night I studied your face.

The line of your nose.

The deep set of your grey eyes.

A mix of feminine and masculine features.

The curve of your full lips, smiling after we’d fucked in my bed under a string of Christmas lights I was using as a lamp.

Your cheekbones were hollow and I knew you weren’t eating and sleeping as well as you should have been.

I wanted to tell you how beautiful you were – with your hair, so much longer than mine then – pulled into a bun at the nape of your neck.

You rolled over and kissed me, with your hand clutching the back of my neck like you were afraid to let go. And maybe you were.

I remember how sometimes when we’d be making love, we’d stop. I’d sit in your lap with you still inside me – forehead pressed against yours and we’d just breathe each-others breath. I still feel the air you gave me in my lungs.

I feel the inhale and exhale – the hypnotic silence of it. I feel it more than the bruises on my fist from pounding on the door the night you left –

or I made you leave, I’m still not sure.

I was always seduced by your sadness.

About the beautifully melancholic way you were.

I suppose you felt the same.

Before you I was not okay. We wrapped ourselves in our own little world, feeding off each-others complete fucked-up-ness.

Sometimes we didn’t need to talk. I told you how I felt with how I fucked you and you did the same. We understood each other like that.

You stood outside my apartment, smoking your last cigarette in a too thin leather jacket – your mouth wrapped in an O to blow smoke rings into the cold November air. I knew I wouldn’t see you again.

Not like that.

Not laying in my bed naked, talking and laughing until three in the morning. Not with your hands on my waist and your mouth on my breasts. Not with my fingers twining themselves in your hair and staring into your eyes.

You were the only one who could hold my gaze so long, because we were ditto’s of each other you and I.

I still have the thing you gave me.

It sits in a wooden heart-shaped box, atop a notebook full of angry, bleeding poetry.

I don’t look inside of it ever.

Sometimes I want to throw it in a river.

Or at least give it back…but I can’t – It’s all I have left.

Without you, I still feel like there is a hole inside of me that nothing can feed.

I see it on you too.

There’s something so sorrowful about the way we talk now.


I followed you the other day…I followed you when you were looking for me. You blushed when you got caught.

Part of me wants to take you in.

Make us both whole again.

Give you back everything you never had before me.

To do everything in my power to make you not leave.

Instead, I clench my fists until there is blood beneath my fingernails.

How We Fall: Book 2 in The Men of Evansdale County


*Whew* wiping sweat off my brow.

I was on a bit of a book hangover from writing The Space Between Us. It took a lot out of me emotionally and it’s taken me a bit to step back and regroup.

Dean’s brother, Finn, is an interesting guy. He comes from the same background and childhood as Dean obviously – but he’s dealt with it in a different way. Finn is refined, and seemingly at peace, running the top restaurant in Evansdale County. He thinks he’s got it all. Great career. Nice condo. Sweet car and a big flat screen TV and fully stocked wet bar.

In walks Hailee with her smart mouth – challenging him at every turn. Both of their worlds get flipped upside down in the best way possible.

I’ve just sent the first 1/4 of my book off to my early stage beta (who’s gotten her notes to me) and to my proofreader. Scenes are dancing in my head and I cannot wait to bring this story to you!

Stay tuned for more!



Thank You Rocking Autumn Purchasers

THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased Rocking Autumn this week! It’s staying solid at its ranking, and I’m so happy! As a romance writer who doesn’t read much romance – I think sometimes I break a lot of rules in romance. Or at least I don’t always follow the trends associated with romance. Writing this book was a journey for me – I love creating relatable, loveable and tangible characters – so the response to Jax, Autumn, and even Hadley has warmed my heart. I’d already begun plotting out the next book in the series…and while these covers are not set in stone, they are a little peek. And I’ve also become inspired to write Hadley’s story! Show her behind the snarky, hilarious, ass kicking best friend of Autumn. (2018ish…after Broken)

Rocking Autumn sequel: Rocking Fame


Rocking Autumn finale: Rocking Forever


Hadley’s story