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Rocking Autumn: FREE on Kindle Unlimited!!! Amazon → US Amazon → UK Amazon → CAN Amazon → DE Amazon → FR Amazon → AU The Island: Amazon → US Amazon → UK Amazon → CAN Amazon → DE Amazon → FR Amazon → AU... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday: Rocking Autumn

“Jax,” Autumn says after I’d opened the door to the hotel room. Her voice comes out breathy and anxious. “Wait.” “What baby?” I ask. “Is this too fast? Do you want me to take you home?” “No.” She shakes her head. “It’s just that uh, there’s a chance I might be pretty bad at this.... Continue Reading →

Rocking Autumn Excerpt 2

Chapter 14 Now I really feel like I can’t breathe. I stand solid, frozen in one place, watching Jax leave the stage. Everyone tries to stop him to chat or to shake his hand, but his steel blue eyes are locked on mine as he pushes forward past them. A voice is saying something over... Continue Reading →

The Island on sale for 99 cents!

It’s BookTober! I started to sit up to look at him, but he came towards me and pressed his mouth against mine. His lips were soft and warm, and I pushed my tongue into his mouth sliding it against his. I didn’t have time to think—or maybe I just couldn’t. I couldn’t hear my thoughts... Continue Reading →

The Island on SALE for 99 cents!

The Island is on sale now through July 7 for just 99 cents! FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy today! THREE PEOPLE. ONE RELATIONSHIP. For 31-year-old Amie Graham, life on the island was supposed to be simpler - simpler than the life and problems she left behind. Less complicated and less dramatic than life... Continue Reading →

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