Rocking Autumn Video Teaser

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It’s really sad that this took me more than four hours to make. BUT, I had a blast doing it. Rocking Autumn hits the shelves this fall!



The Island on SALE for 99 cents!

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For 31-year-old Amie Graham, life on the island was supposed to be simpler – simpler than the life and problems she left behind. Less complicated and less dramatic than life back home. That was the plan anyway.
But fate, it seems, has a sense of humor and it throws a complication or two right in her path.
Complication one, Michael.
If you could cross a model with a football player, you’d get Michael, at least how Amie sees him. Long dark blonde hair, packed with rounded muscles and well over six feet tall, he’s gorgeous, he’s funny, sweet and vulnerable. He’s her own Greek god among men, and she finds herself falling in love with him.
Complication two, Gabe. 
Gabe is beautiful, serene and intelligent, and Amie finds herself drawn to him. With his curly brown hair, soulful green eyes and olive skin decorated with tattoos and piercings – she finds herself falling in love with him also.
The other problem? They’re best friends – and they’re in love with her too. Can three people really love each other, or is the air of the island just messing with their hearts and minds?
WARNING. This is a MFM romance. While this book focuses heavily on the emotions and relationship(s) there is plenty of steam! If this is your cup of tea, you should know there is no MM action. It’s all about Amie, and her love of these two hot, loveable, sexy men.

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Plotting or Pantsting?

Pantsting: writing by the seat of your pants and letting the story write itself.

Plotting: planning every chapter, every scene and basically write a book with a structure.

This is a widely debated topic among author circles. Should you plot or write by the seat of your pants?

I suppose I should start off by saying, I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert on the craft of writing. I’m a tryer. I’m a researcher. I’m an observer. I’m a learner.


I’m a little of both. I plot my theme, my ending, my twists, my high and low points and conflicts both internal and external. I plot out what I want to have happen at certain points in my novel based on my expected word count and I’m done. I use a piece of graph paper (super old school) and I pencil everything in. Then I sit down with my coffee and write.



One. I hate rules. If I plotted out every chapter and every scene I would feel too confined to be creative.

Two. Inspiration comes to me at the craziest times in the craziest places. I jot it all down and add it to my “outline”.

Three. Sometimes my story surprises even me. When I wrote The Island, it was all by the seat of my pants. I had a general idea of what the story was, but as I wrote it, it changed completely. My perspectives on WHO they were and WHAT motivated them changed. It changed everything I thought was going to happen. It changed my twist.

So where do I sit? Right in the middle.


I write with a basic: if this, then that theory and let the story take me where it will, within my plotted ideas.

Now, as an admitted previous pantster, it’s not without its drawbacks. I used to completely write by the seat of my pants. Any guesses on how many unfinished novels there are on my hard drive? (I’ll never admit to it) Because while I sat down with the intent of writing THE BEST NOVEL EVER I ran out of steam. My plots got lost. I had no ending. My subplots took over. I had no high and low points and no real direction other than I had great ideas but no end game.


So authors, writers: what are you? A plotter, a pantster or a fine mix of both?