Hitting the road for a much-needed vacation! I am off to Rockaway Beach, Oregon for 5 days. I plan on doing a ton of relaxing, reading, walking and .... writing. I'm bringing my laptop with me, I've been writing Michael's story in my head for pretty much the last week and I'm thinking that the ocean [...]

The Island

  Three people. One relationship. “I’m saying, I love you,” Gabe shook his head. “And I love you,” Michael nodded. “This makes no sense,” I muttered quietly. “No,” Gabe chuckled softly, “it doesn’t. But it’s happening.I think we all knew it would happen too, right from the beginning.” Thirty-one-year-old Amie Graham is moving on with [...]

Absolutely Humbled

In 2013, as my father was dying from liver cancer, and in the months that followed, I wrote a book. I had a dream one night about these three people in a tent. They were all kind of snuggled up together and when the woman got up in the morning, she found a note taped [...]