Plotting or Pantsting?

Pantsting: writing by the seat of your pants and letting the story write itself. Plotting: planning every chapter, every scene and basically write a book with a structure. This is a widely debated topic among author circles. Should you plot or write by the seat of your pants? I suppose I should start off by [...]

Things I have learned about being a self-published author

Before I published my book The Island, I knew absolutely nothing about the self-publishing world. I googled and researched everything - and I wound up WAY more confused than I had been before. Formatting, converting your files, choosing to do it on your own or use one of the hundreds of companies who will do [...]

Location Research

  I've chosen a location for a story, and now I've begun the research. This might be one of my favorite parts of creating. Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Alaska. The biggest city in the Aleutian Islands and the largest commercial fishing port in Alaska. I'm finding this town incredibly fun to research, and the landscape so unique [...]