Re-named WIP teaser | NaNo update


I kind of knew in the back of my mind that Broken or Beautifully Broken was a placeholder name and that the title would come to me through my characters. The new working and final title for this story is: The Space Between Us. So, I’d like you to meet Dean King and his princess.

*note: I do not own these images they are merely for entertainment purposes*


And, I kicked NaNoWriMo’s butt! Yesterday I hit just over 51,000 words. Just 29,000 shy of my overall 80,000 goal!


Quick thank you to everyone who has been reading, purchasing and reviewing Rocking Autumn – it has been flirting with this rank for a few days and it’s so close to that top 100. It means the world to me!


Rocking Autumn on sale! Giveaway! And word count updates!


Have you read Rocking Autumn yet? It’s a sweet, steamy read – perfect for these chilly Autumn nights. And Jax? Hot as hell and sweet as candy – find out why he’s book boyfriend material today!

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Tonight I am in a Facebook Takeover party. Ravannah Raynes Fall Book Ball. My time is from 8-9 EST – I hope to see you there! I have prizes and swag to give out.

Word count update on (tentatively titled) Beautifully Broken:Depositphotos_79534330_orig

Just shy of 30K. My first 12 chapters have reached the hands of my early Beta Readers and my Proofreader!



Things I have learned about being a self-published author

Before I published my book The Island, I knew absolutely nothing about the self-publishing world. I googled and researched everything – and I wound up WAY more confused than I had been before. Formatting, converting your files, choosing to do it on your own or use one of the hundreds of companies who will do it all for you. What the hell is an ISBN and what the F#@K  is metadata?

My head was swirling with too much information. (By the way, this is not an informational post – like seriously it took me a week to realize my book was formatted improperly and I had a few spelling errors that snuck through.) (ps, those are fixed)

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Other Indie Authors are helpful and a wealth of information! I’ve found my way into some great groups of Indie’s who share their knowledge, share their experiences and share what has and what has not worked for them.

If you’re thinking of self-publishing, I’d get on Goodreads and find some groups. Learn things before you do it, and find groups that celebrate each other’s successes rather than treat everything like a competition.


It’s endless self-promotion. Like, endless.

You don’t have an agent or a marketing team. You don’t have people working to get your book into the public eye while you get to work on your next book or prepare for book tours. The only way people are going to know about your book at first is through YOU. After you’ve exhausted your friends and family as potential readers; you’ve got to put in the work.

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Websites….blah blah blah…it’s work!


There are a lot of vulture companies out there. There are tons of websites claiming to get your book in the public eye. All you gotta do is fork over some cash and they’ll Tweet the shit out of your book, or put it on their blog or whatever it is they claim to do. And they will Tweet the shit out of your book – but if you look at their list of followers – it’s almost always just Indie Writers and no actual potential customers.

I get DM’s from tons of these places daily.

Now hey, there are some super legit sights and I’ve used a couple of them with a success. But before I forked over my hard earned money – I consulted with the been there done that’s in my groups and by reading the blogs of successful Indie Writers and what to look out for and how to spot red flags.

giphy (1)

If it doesn’t work, try again.

Tags, metadata, blurbs, covers, categories. Promoting, blogging, handing out copies of your book for reviews.

It’s all trial and error. What may seem like the cleverest blurb to you, doesn’t actually draw attention. So you try again.

You hand out twenty free copies of your book, and only get 5 reviews.

No one follows you on Facebook or Goodreads or Twitter.

You buy an ad and no one buys your book.

So fucking what? You keep trying, you keep writing and you keep doing what you’re doing. Why? Because we’re writers. We constantly invent and re-invent and we can do it with ourselves too.


Absolutely Humbled

In 2013, as my father was dying from liver cancer, and in the months that followed, I wrote a book.

I had a dream one night about these three people in a tent. They were all kind of snuggled up together and when the woman got up in the morning, she found a note taped to the outside of the tent that said “threesome” and she joined several other people at a big table in the jungle for breakfast, laughing about the note. I literally became obsessed with it. Who were they? Why were they all in the tent? I forced myself to dream about them again and it kept evolving.

I sat down to write what I thought might be just a quick little erotic story. Not even a short story, like something you might post on a blog or something – and it eventually evolved into the story that exists today. As I fell deeper and deeper in love with these three, I kept going back and toning down the sex more and more so it wouldn’t wind up being some dirty book that you might read in secret. A lot of people have asked, and yes, a lot of myself came out through Amie. Though no, she is not me. (But I wish she was … I mean, those two guys???…)Her name was something else in the beginning, but I ended up hating it. I scoured Facebook friends for names, and that one popped up and I loved it.

I sent the book off to some e-pub romance store that I cannot remember the name of. Ninety days later the editor wrote me back saying she loved the first three chapters and wanted the rest. Ninety days after that she wanted to publish the book…but the terms were bonkers. Even as a brand new unknown author, I couldn’t do it. So I sat on it.

I shared it with a group who fell in love with it – and that’s when I started to see some flaws in the story. And I sat on it again.

But my dream has always been to write. I have stories upon stories in my head. Some sweet. Some dark. Some steamy. I decided now was the time to try and make it happen and I sat down with my laptop and began poring over the story again. Re-writing the scenes that bugged me, or didn’t have the emotional depth I wanted. I edited. I re-wrote. I edited. I re-wrote, until one night I anxiously hit that publish button on Amazon.

My book has been live for exactly a week. And I want to thank my friends first for reading it and giving me the confidence to realize it IS a good story. I want to thank my friends who have recommended it to their friends. And to everyone who has purchased it, and left me reviews. I feel like I’ve been walking around on cloud nine! Reading the comments I’ve been left literally puts me in tears that people see what I saw in these three! So thank you!