Saturday Top Six

I skipped Friday again! It's always my busiest workload day. So my new book is part of a small town romance series and when I write, each book has its own playlist. I noticed as I started filling up this playlist, it was about 50% country music. Though the book, in general, has nothing to [...]

Word Count Goals

If I don't hold myself accountable, I will slack off. My end game goal is minimum 80,000 words, but really shooting for 100,000+. I'm currently sitting at 1570, with a goal of writing 1,000 to 2,000 a day. *I'm sweating already* Writers, what's your daily word goal and how do you hold yourselves accountable for [...]

Writing Rituals

*also spoiler alert if you haven't read The Island yet* I always wonder what other writers rituals are. As I was sitting yesterday and outlining my ideas and researching a particular town, I lined up my cup of green tea just so. I had my pen and paper. Candle lit. I had my earbuds and [...]