Saturday Top Six

I skipped Friday again! It’s always my busiest workload day.

So my new book is part of a small town romance series and when I write, each book has its own playlist. I noticed as I started filling up this playlist, it was about 50% country music. Though the book, in general, has nothing to do with country music, it just helped set my mood.


So today I bring you: Top Six Songs I am writing to right now. (also, is Luke Bryan still offering up a party crashing, because…….yeah, I’d crash that party)


  1. I Miss You – Incubus
  2. Ghost Towns – Radical Face
  3. Beautiful Son  – Without Gravity
  4. I’ll Be Good –  Jaymes Young
  5. I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice
  6. Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owen

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Friday top Five: weird things I do when I write

Writers are weird. Just as a breed, we are weird. We get inspiration at the strangest times and the the strangest hours. We carry notebooks around with us for when those strange inspirations come to us. We probably lurk around you like creeps, looking, listening and watching all to perfect our embodiment of human interaction – because you know, we aren’t normal so we have to watch you to figure it out. We drink too much coffee and stay in our pajama’s a lot.

Weird thing 1: I talk to myself. Like, constantly. Not just talk to myself, ask myself questions…and then answer them. I write something and talk it out, I give myself great feedback by the way.

Weird thing 2: I read my book aloud to myself. Especially the dialogue. BUT, it helps me find words and conversations that don’t flow!

Weird thing 3: If I’m right in the thick of it, and on a writing spree – I won’t get up. Not to pee. Not to eat. Not to feed my cats or hamster. My kids make themselves ramen noodles for lunch. I literally cannot get up. Well, I mean I can, but………….

Weird thing 4: I get weird about people reading my work. Yeah, hi, I’m Alyne. I’m an author who published her book but is afraid for you to read it. I need therapy.

Weird thing 5: I cannot write without music on. But I can’t write with the TV on, or other people talking in the background. I’m not so sure how that works, but it does…

Sorry I have ignored my blog this week! Work has been a bear, and I am exhausted every day when I get home.



Word Count Goals


If I don’t hold myself accountable, I will slack off.

My end game goal is minimum 80,000 words, but really shooting for 100,000+. I’m currently sitting at 1570, with a goal of writing 1,000 to 2,000 a day. *I’m sweating already*

Writers, what’s your daily word goal and how do you hold yourselves accountable for it?

Saturday Top Six?

Apologies! I skipped my Friday Five – but in my defense, I was driving for nearly twelve hours! So I bring you Saturday Top Six.

Today: Top six things I NEED when I write.


One. A scent. Weird? Certain scents just ignite something in me and this one in particular always does the trick. It smells all manly and woodsy to me, and for sure gets me fired up to write some romance!


Two. Coffee or tea. Lately, it’s been green tea with matcha.


Three. Snacks! I don’t even know how I can stand myself after posting all of these together. The smell of white woods, a cup of green tea and Wasabi peas – yet somehow I’m still alive! I love these things and they are the perfect little snack when writing.


Four. Notebooks, planners and tons of pens and pencils to jot down dates, ideas, things to research – I have a million notebooks and calendars scattered around my desk.


Five: My cat. If you hang out long enough you will discover I am somewhat obsessed with my cat (s) Meet Jojo, my beautiful baby. She is just about as obsessed with me as I am with her. Her little friend Hazel, however, besides me giving her food – really doesn’t care about me much at all.


Six. A break. Tuesday night Trivia at The Red Monkey is the perfect break!


Writing Rituals


*also spoiler alert if you haven’t read The Island yet*

I always wonder what other writers rituals are.

As I was sitting yesterday and outlining my ideas and researching a particular town, I lined up my cup of green tea just so. I had my pen and paper. Candle lit. I had my earbuds and I made a playlist.

Michael’s story is exciting me. When I first sat to write The Island, he was my baby, my favorite. In fact, the whole time I thought it was going to be Michael that Amie found herself closer to. As I wrote (my stories tend to unfold for me as I go along despite my best efforts to stick to the plan) I realized it just wasn’t plausible for it to work that way. I cried like a damn baby when he left because that hadn’t been my original intent – yet it made SO much sense.

He was underestimated, and while Amie has a deep emotional connection to Gabe, her connection with Michael starts out as very physical.

So when readers asked for a prequel or even for the stories of the guys – I knew Michael would be first. I want to get in his head. I want to go on his soul-searching journey in Alaska. I can’t wait to flesh out his depth since I purposely left him only skin deep in the original story.

So back to my ritual.

It’s always the same. Green tea (won’t lie…sometimes there is wine) pad and pen. I burn different scents to get me in the mood too…I’m scouring stores as we speak for the perfect scent right now! And my playlist of course. The Island was A LOT of Joshua Radin. I can’t even listen to him now without thinking of that book!

So what are yours? Do you have any? Do you have anything that you HAVE to do or can’t do in order to write?

Inquiring minds want to know.