Rocking Autumn has gotten a Book Make-Over

I’ve always loved graphic design. Before deciding to delve into writing, I did design for eight years where I ran my own business designing scrapbooking materials. In all that time I used just an old school version of Photoshop 7.

I’ve designed all my covers, graphics and teasers in it – but what I could do was limited. Well recently a good friend gifted me the entire Creative Suite and my mind is blown. I took some courses and dove in to try and create my own full cover. I’m pretty excited by the results!

RA new cover

I cannot wait to order myself a copy and see what it looks like in print!

I’ve added a new author service. If you hop over HERE you will see all the pre-designed eBook covers I have for sale. As soon as I feel I’ve mastered full covers, those will be available as well.

Pick up your copy of Rocking Autumn today!  It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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I will be back later this week with exciting info as I have tons going on this month, starting with a Goodreads Giveaway and MORE. Much, much more!



Meet Autumn – Character Interview


Name: Autumn Jane Brooks, or AJ as my friends call me

Place of birth: Hood River, Oregon

Parents: Steve and Cheryll Brooks

Siblings: I was an only child

Places lived: I lived in Hood River until I was eleven, then my family moved to Walla Walla. I took off at nineteen to live in LA, but I came back a couple of years later.

Favorite subject in school: Art. Always art!

Jobs: I run Brooks Books and Patisserie with the help of my bestie, Hadley

Do you like yourself: Yeah, I guess. I mean…sure. I like myself. I’m a nice person.

What, if anything, would you like to change in your life: Nothing really. I have a great job. Great friends and a cute little condo. Maybe a nicer car? The Subaru is kind of a soccer mom car.

How much self-control and self-discipline do you have: Usually a lot. Except when it comes to one person…

Best way to spend a weekend: Grabbing a cocktail with Hadley at PH 124, snuggling with Jasper my cat and binging on Netflix shows, doing some yoga and maybe going for a hike.

What do you carry in your pockets/purse/backpack, etc.?  Oh my gosh, what don’t I carry? Wallet, about six lipglosses, sunglasses, rosewater spray for my skin, lotion, tons of old receipts that need to be thrown out. It’s just a mess.

What emotion/feeling are you afraid to experience? Love….

Rocking Autumn is available now!





Rocking Autumn Excerpt

Chapter 27

When The Living Room Sessions take the stage, my stomach is full of butterflies, and my heart is pounding like a wild animal in a cage. I focus in on one person, and one person only. Jax swaggers onto the stage with his guitar slung across his back.

Jax can say what he wants. He can call himself a musician. A guitar player. Whatever it is he calls himself which is anything besides a rock star.

Tonight he is a freaking rock star. He looks like a god standing on that stage. Celestial blue and purple lights wash over him, casting a deep night sky tinted hue across his black hair that falls so effortlessly across his forehead. A thin cloud of foggy mist drifts at his feet making him look like he’s just arrived from some kind of rock and roll heaven.

When he spots me standing just feet from the stage, he winks and blows me a kiss. I don’t even know how hard I blush, but I’m thankful for the darkness. I throw one back at him, wondering what the cat squad at the bar would be saying about that.

CHICAGO,” Luke calls into the microphone, followed by the cheers of the audience. “It’s fucking good to be home. Let’s show ‘em how it’s done and blow the roof off this motherfucker tonight.”

They start to play and, holy shit, they’re incredible. I haven’t heard him play, like really play, in ten years. It’s hands down the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

The music is pounding and ear-splitting. It’s hard and intense, but so rich and thick with dark melodies that I’m completely mesmerized. The vocals shared between Luke and Jax are profound and poetic. I’m hypnotized.

Jax moves around the stage, his guitar thrusting forward with his hips. His black hair is falling across his forehead only to fly backward with one flip of his head over his shoulders. It makes me think of sex. The look on his face and the way he moves. It’s like he’s fucking everyone in the audience, seducing all of us who are lucky enough to be caught in his web.

Mid-show he takes off his white tank top, which is undoubtedly wet with sweat like his entire torso is. The fine sheen of it glistening under the purplish lighting makes every muscle on his body stand out. He keeps looking at me and smiling from the stage, filling my stomach with anxious butterflies, and the black lacy panties I have on with a warm wetness.

Towards the end of the hour-long set, Jax grabs the mic in front of him and winks at me. “My amazingly fucking beautiful girlfriend, Autumn is here tonight,” he calls out, pointing to me in the audience. I’m glad it’s dark because tingling red heat fills my cheeks once again. “I wrote this song for her about five years ago when she still hated my fucking guts—”

The crowd cheers and whistles.

“If you know it, sing along. It’s called, ‘Rocking Autumn.’”

*Rocking Autumn lyrics*

It has the same haunting, dark and melodic tone of the rest of their songs. But it’s softer somehow. Instead of screaming the lyrics, Luke sings them in a drawn out ethereal sounding murmur. Jax hammers away at his guitar and stares at me the entire time. I have to gulp down a breath of air.

In fact, he makes such a show of staring at me that I feel like everyone’s eyes are on me by the end of the song. Still, I can’t tear my eyes from the electric blue ones that hold me hostage from where he’s standing. When the song is over, he slings his guitar across his back and jumps off the side of the stage and stalks towards me.

Before I know it, one of his hands is clutching my ass closer to him, and the other is clinging to the side of my face. “I fucking love you, Autumn.” He grins before kissing me.

Around us, people are going crazy cheering us on. But I’m too lost to Jax to pay them any mind.

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The Problem With The Alpha Male


We love them. The confident hero. The alpha male. They make our heart go pitter patter and our knees go weak.

So why do I have a problem with the alpha male? In theory, I don’t. I have a problem with what the alpha male has turned into in SO many romantic fiction books.

An asshole.


I’ve been on a reading bender lately, and I’m just….ugh. I’m so sorely disappointed at what my favorite hero has become. Since when did Alpha become synonymous with an asshole?

The alpha male is confident. Brave. Fierce. Unwavering. Protective. He’s a sexual powerhouse. Sometimes cocky and his ego can get the better of him. He’s in great physical shape. He’s a natural leader, and someone people find themselves drawn to. When he tells you he loves you, he means it. The alpha male is a man’s, man. He probably eats a shit load of steak and loves beer, scotch and whiskey. The alpha male has purpose and drive. He has values, he knows how to treat a woman and above all else – he is true to himself no matter what because he knows who he is. He’s the kind of guy that most often gets described as smelling like tobacco and cologne, or smoke and spice or…whatever bonkers but super masculine scent combination us writers like to come up with.

I would date that guy. Hell, I’d want to marry that guy and have a million little alpha babies with him. If you wrote that guy in a book, I would swoon. Hard.

I bought a bunch of books recently. Books with GLOWING reviews going on and on about these swoon worthy sexy men. These alpha gods, right?

Moody and brooding almost 70% of the time. Hyper jealous, insanely possessive and controlling. Complete assholes…oh, to make up for some traumatic event in their life most likely. They disappear only to reappear and the woman takes them back…because he’s just an alpha and that’s what they do. Ego’s bigger than Texas, and acting like overgrown babies when another man even dares to speak to “their woman.” I’m surprised some of them didn’t toss the heroine over their shoulder cave-man style and carry them back to their lair so they can have over the top sex, and she doesn’t complain because he’s just so darn irresistible.

I wouldn’t date that guy. I certainly wouldn’t marry that guy. And I cannot swoon over him in a book. Because in real life, we call those red flags.

In the most recent book I read, in the “dark –  all hope is lost moment” he sleeps with another woman and then kills her. Yeah, you heard me. Kills her. (I guess we were supposed to forgive him, he has demons from his childhood. Apparently, this justifies homicide) Um, I call that a psychopath. And this book had a thousand 4 and 5-star reviews. I’ll be honest, the book was decent. It was a fun read, I didn’t hate it. But the “hero” wasn’t a hero and it made me question the heroine for looking past his bad behavior. I guess he was just that hot…you know, with his massive twelve-inch psychopath alpha cock and all.

(Don’t even get me started on the cock size of these dudes. Twelve inches? Really?)

Now, certainly, this is just my opinion. But why does the alpha male have to be so over the top?

On that note, I’ve read some great books with wonderful alpha hero’s. The ones who make me swoon and go weak in the knees. Call me crazy, but when I find a book boyfriend, I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder to see if he’s gone mental. But hey, that’s just me. I’m also a huge fan of the often over-looked beta male.