Meet Jax – Character Interview

Name: Jaxon Anthony West. Everyone calls me Jax. Sex: Is this the set up for a cheesy fucking joke? I'm male. Age: Twenty eight Interesting physical characteristics: Define interesting. Like do I have a second head or three arms? I'm tall-if that's interesting. Background: Where and when were you born? Twenty eight years ago in Walla Walla, Washington. Where have [...]

Sometimes They Just Said

Someone asked me the other day: "What's your favorite part about writing?" The answer was simple. Easy. Dialogue. I love creating believable, sincere dialogue. I love getting into my characters head and creating their "voice". Their way of speaking. Their nuances and mannerisms. I particularly love writing men's voices. I love the challenge of it. Guys speak [...]

Plotting or Pantsting?

Pantsting: writing by the seat of your pants and letting the story write itself. Plotting: planning every chapter, every scene and basically write a book with a structure. This is a widely debated topic among author circles. Should you plot or write by the seat of your pants? I suppose I should start off by [...]

Things I have learned about being a self-published author

Before I published my book The Island, I knew absolutely nothing about the self-publishing world. I googled and researched everything - and I wound up WAY more confused than I had been before. Formatting, converting your files, choosing to do it on your own or use one of the hundreds of companies who will do [...]