The Lost Boy: A dark, gritty story about one young man’s life as a “street kid”, his foray into the spotlight, and of healing, forgiveness, and redemption.
Hunter spends his days riding the trains, roaming and hustling the streets of New York. With just a backpack, a notebook, a battered old guitar and a skateboard to his name, it doesn’t stop him from seeing beauty in the world around him. When cafe owner Ben takes the young man in on a cold evening, he soon after discovers the boy is a talented writer and musician and helps launch him into the New York music scene not knowing the chaos and pain it will cause them both.
As Hunter’s move into the world of music propels forward, his demons and past come bubbling to the surface, threatening to destroy him.


(Now titled Girl Harbor) We All Fall Down: A coming of age tale that’s not for the faint of heart. She can still remember the day she met him; even at ten, he was magnetic. When Hailee Ferris meets Tyler Lambert, they begin an eternal, if not toxic friendship. Tyler is Hailee’s escape from her home life, and she is his – together they are a force to be reckoned with. When Hailee begins having an affair with a teacher from her school, that’s when her world starts to crumble around her, and the aftermath is even worse. Hailee believes she is chaos locked and loaded, and everything around her is ready to fall apart and fall down – a feeling she carries with her into her young adulthood. Can she ever forgive herself for the damage she thinks she’s caused? Or will she carry it with her forever?



Michael and Gabe each have a story to tell:

The Beautiful Boy: A Hearts Journey A re-telling of the Island through Michaels’ eyes, and what he did when he was away for those months.

A Place In The World Gabe’s story


The Homecoming Series:

Rocking Autumn Book 1

Rocking Autumn Book 2

The Perfect Storm

Mistletoe and Other Disasters

Renegade Hearts Series:

Skin Deep: The Biker

Bones: The Boxer

Scars: The Marine

Behind Blue Eyes: The Doctor

Burn: The Cowboy